What to do with Beachy (Keeper)?

Who to start, who to bench. Grab that WW guy? Low priced rookie or high priced stud?
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What to do with Beachy (Keeper)?

Postby JD, the Hockey Man » Thu Jun 21, 2012 8:41 pm

So I had him penciled in as a no-doubt keeper at .30 ($26 cap) for the next three years. Yesterday he underwent successful Tommy John surgery and he'll be out until at least this time next year and when he does come back, what will we get? Who knows? So now I'm wondering if I should consider going with someone else or Beachy is good enough to stash on the DL given that I can keep him for 3 years at .30 and guys like Strasberg and Zimmerman have come back nicely from TJ. Here's the skinny:

Current keeper list (5 players, $8 cap, held for up to 3 years at current price starting next season):

Jay Bruce - $2.00
Jesus Montero - ¢.70
Matt Cain - $1.60
Madison Bumgarner - $1.40
Brandon Beachy - ¢.30

Possible Beachy replacments:

Matt Garza - .30
Jordan Zimmerman - .30
David Wright - .60
Andrew Bailey - .30

I can't keep: Aroldis, Trumbo, Bauer, Addison, Moustakas or Goldschmidt; the rest are either too expensive or not worth keeping (See full roster in sig). They were all wire adds or serpentine round picks that didn't cost anything but the caveat is you can't keep 'em (Sonova...). I'm a SAGNOF believer, so I go cheap on saves (Rarely fails!) making Bailey the only option if I wanted to keep a RP (Blech).

Annnyway, other roster and league info are in the sig. Any thoughts are appreciated!
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Re: What to do with Beachy (Keeper)?

Postby BluePulaski » Thu Jun 21, 2012 8:47 pm

when do you have to decide on your keepers? March? If so, stash him on the DL...he should come back strong...just might take him a bit...but you can reassess in March perhaps.

A lot of pitchers come back stronger from TJ surgery because there may be some regression in arm/ligament strength over time...he's young though so that regression may have been limited...also, with players getting the surgery they can become harder workers in rehab and come back stronger with many parts of their arm/body coming back stronger, eventually.

The ligament won't necessarily be stronger...but it might be stronger than it was right before it tore...and the arm might be stronger because of the overall rehab process.
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